A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Gamaga Expedition is a 3D runner demo made by Eduardo Alvarado (@eduardoalvara2) to Gamaga Games in response to a Programmer Test.

Next to this document you will find the folders "Playable" and "Unity_Project", of these, the first have an apk file to run in Android devices up to the v2.3.1, in the second folder there is the zip which contains the entire Gamaga Expedition's Unity Project, including all the Assets and within this, the Script folder with all the script of the code, except the Scriptable Object, who is outside.

Releases Notes

Gamaga Expedition was made in Unity 5.3.5f1. I though in the concept of a traveling rocket by Gamaga Games's logo. I figured it travelling by our earth, out in the space, picking up stars and avoiding asteroids, and now it does. The game art is Low Poly, need low resources, might not need textures, and the appearance is very beautiful. I really loved the result of the test, the environment, the camera movements, the look of the asteroids, the sounds, the UI (I made the Logo!), the code structure, and how I feel playing my own game, I really hope you enjoy so much play it too!.

Known Issues: I wanted to add a texture with similar colors to the Gamaga rocket, also even I found a gorilla that looked like the Banana Kong's gorilla too, I thought to add it and call him "Golden Kong", but I didn't have chance to add it. I didn't neither add a visual effect when the rocket pick up a stars or hit with an asteroid, I just added an effect sound, to save time too. One time while I tested the game in a cellphone, the start camera movement was very slow, just occurred one time, I think I know how to solve it, but by now it's ok.



2)Sounds: All sounds was downloaded in: http://freesound.org


4)Flares: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/5, Unity Free Asset.

5)Skybox; https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/25117 , Unity Free Asset.

6)Text Fonts:

7)Unity Extensions: http://www.tallior.com/unity-scriptableobject-factory/ , is a tool that simplify the process to convert a Scriptable Object to an .asset file


1)AMVCC: Is a code and directories structure like MVC but adapted to Unity, I learned how to create that structure myself some months ago with this tutorial by Eduardo Da Costa: https://www.toptal.com/unity-unity3d/unity-with-mvc-how-to-level-up-your-game-development


Special thank's to all the Gamaga Game's Family for bring me this opportunity such valuated for me. Thank You! ♥

Install instructions


> Secure to have enabled the installation of External Locations Apps.
> Install the APK.


>Execute the .exe file.


Gamaga-Expedition_Eduardo-Alvarado.apk 25 MB
Gamaga-Expedition_Eduardo-Alvarado.zip 52 MB
Gamaga-Expedition_Release-Notes_Eduardo_Alvarado.pdf 359 kB

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